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The Alapaha Blue Blood  Bulldog

Blue blood origins 

Here at 24kt Alapaha’s we take pride in breeding champion bloodline bulldogs. Our dogs are guaranteed  solid pure bred like 24kt Gold. All of our pups are socialized and raised in house as family guard dogs and companions. We ran across this amazing breed after researching personal protection dogs to guard our family home. We spend a lot of time with our pups to let them know they are loved, we also spend good money to keep their health intact, up to date on all check-ups and vaccinations as well as homemade dog food. We decided to start breeding after extensive research on how hard it was to find an pure bred ABBB. We ran across a lot of cross breeders before purchasing our first ABBB. 24kt Alapaha’s does not breed for the money we are not affiliated with any puppy mills. We solely breed to keep the linage of the ABBB from becoming extinct.


GLB's Diamond

Diamond’s father Chief is a beautiful Alapaha that is a multi-grand champion within the Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog Association (ABBA). Not only does her lineage speak for itself, but she has the beauty and brute strength to prove it.


We like to call Diamond a gladiator, because she is tough. Her strength coupled with her ability to understand, makes Diamond the perfect addition to our family. As a puppy, she understood commands and knew her assignment almost instantaneously. Loving, affectionate and protective is all one can ask for in a pup and she embodies all of that and more.

Diamond has won several awards at the ABBA shows and we see more awards in her future. 



TOK's Aurum Dice

Dice’s father TOK's King James in our humblest opinion is a celebrity within the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association (ABBA). King James is also a multi-grand champion that has produced some of the most beautiful Alapaha Bulldogs throughout the years.


Aurum Dice has taken on many of his father’s features. Dice has a Tri-Merle coat, His beauty is always the topic of conversation. His charming and laid-back personality makes him even more intriguing to everyone who comes in contact with him. Dice is very intelligent and quite the ladies’ dog. He loves belly rubs and attracts random hugs from women and children alike. His temperament compliments his beauty in a way that makes him the perfect addition to any family.


These dogs are perfect for families with children. 

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